Aupus Cordless Air Duster & Handheld Vacuum

About this item

  • 【3 Gears Adjustable: 90000 RPM & 12 KPA】AUPUS air duster has 3 gears so you can choose what’s best for the area you need: The lowest for electronics or other sensitive/delicate objects/surfaces, the middle for regular use, and the highest(UP TO 90000 RPM, 12 KPA, and 110M/S, 3X POWERFUL THAN MOST!) with the extreme power for the extremely stubborn dust. If you expect more power for quick and thorough cleaning, AUPUS vacuum cleaner will definitely fit the bill.
  • 【5-In-1 Air Duster for all purposes】This air duster, with vacuuming and blowing combined and 7 different attachments included, is really useful for all sorts of cleaning(even in tight or hard-to-reach areas) and versatile in function: AIR BLOWER + VACUUM CLEANER + VACUUM STORAGE + ELECTRIC AIR PUMP for Inflatables/yoga ball/air mattress + AIR MATTRESS DEFLATOR. Easy assembly: Either press-fit a suction nozzle into the suction side of device or fit a blowing nozzle into the blowing side.
  • 【7500mAh LARGE Battery + 15W FAST Charging】The 7500mAh large rechargeable battery eliminates the need to recharge often as one charge will last more uses than others. The advanced 15W FAST charging technology reduces the charging time and ensures 100% safe and reliable charging every single time(With charging indicator). AUPUS air duster recharges with a universal TYPE-C charging cable instead of a proprietary one that makes the entire thing obsolete once cord is lost.
  • 【The Best Substitute for Canned Air】AUPUS air duster, lightweight(1.1 lb only), cordless, reusable and long-lasting(BRUSHLESS MOTOR), is the best alternative to canned air for the task at hand indoors or on the go. The ability to recharge and reuse saves you a lot of money in the long run. The natural air discharged ensures user health for no chemical inhalation, environmental friendliness for no gas emission, and no damage to sensitive electronics for no chemical residue.
  • 【Ergonomic Button Design】1. No accidental activation: The button requires you to hold it depressed for 1.5s to turn on/off the duster, thus never will you trigger duster on or off due to an accidental touch on the button(short press to change speed in power-on state). 2. Turn it off anytime w/o. having to take multiple presses. This SUPER POWERFUL duster is meant for cleaning almost everything: food debris/cat hair in)keyboard, PC, sewing machine, home, office, inside of the car, etc.

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