What is a VPN? Part 2

Imagine if you will, that you go to a car dealer to buy your first car.  You tell the dealer that your new car doesn’t have to look good or be very large, and it doesn’t have to be classy or have any of the bells and whistles other cars have.  You explain to him […]

What is a VPN? Part 1

Explained via a short story? Sure… Why not?! You’re an employee at a large company, suddenly there’s a pandemic and in order to stay safe, your employer tells you that you have to work from home until further notice.   While you’re packing up important materials to prepare to stay home for an undetermined amount of […]

Backing Up & Restoring Your Computer

I was working at a midsized company as an IT consultant.  While I was there, an employee of the company clicked on what looked to her like a familiar email, suddenly, the computer stated behaving erratically and before she knew it, she had lost access to it.  A malicious attack took over her computer locking […]

How To Configure Your Router

So, you got your modem and you’ve plugged the power cord and the co-axel cable from the wall to it.  If you have a combo unit, and other than securing it, that’ll be all you have to do to start using the device, but if you do not have a combo unit, you’ll have to […]

What is an IP address?

Even small villages in the most ancient parts of the world have some type of location identifier, be it a land mark, a tree, a bush or perhaps even a strangely shaped rock.  In the developed world, we have several types of address that are commonly used to ship goods to and from, we use […]

Password Management

So in the beginning of our exhaustive journey to access the internet, most of us started with a simple email address  accompanied by some weak password like “Password1”.  No multi-factor authentication, no automated phone call or text to your phone nothing other than a simple password that you would never forget because you really never […]

Installing a Network Printer

Sooner or later you’re going to need to install a printer at home.  While most manufacturers have installation packages on their websites, there is one sure way to install a network printer, and that’s by using the IP address assigned to that printer by your home router. If you have already taken the Printer out […]

What’s Inside A Computer?

Think about the title of this post.  Do you know what’s inside the computer on your desk? Do you know the difference between a desktop and a laptop?  Is the screen on your desk “the computer”?  These and other related questions are constant ice breakers at office parties.  I’m going to start off by saying […]

Protect Your Email

It really feels like just a few years ago that I started hearing about the internet, and specifically email.  I remember having a conversation with a friend over lunch and he was telling me that I should get a Hotmail account.  By this point, I had already heard about the popularity of email, but I […]